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How to Grow Chocolate Mint Plant . Chocolate mint grows best in a rich, moist soil that is slightly acidic or neutral in pH. Top-dress the soil yearly with organic matter to keep it well-draining. Although growing herbs in less than rich soil tends to concentrate their essential oils (and therefore their scent and flavor), mint prefers moist, woods-like soil, so it’s good to add some organic


mint plant care
There are a few simple needs you need to care about– use a medium-sized pot (2-3 gallon would be fine) when growing mint in containers, a window box would be better as mint spread through runners, and a planter like this will give space to plant to cover. Location. Mint can tolerate some shade outside, but it needs a minimum of 3-4 hours of

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Mint also grows well as an indoor herb plant. Move potted mint plants indoors before a killing frost. Give them plenty of light, cut back on watering in winter, and youll get plants from which you can harvest some leaves in winter and plant back into the garden in spring. Ongoing Care Mint requires little care to …

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mint plant care
Outdoor Mint Plant Care: Light Requirements. Mint plants can tolerate a wide range of sun conditions from full sun to part shade.Be aware, though, that if your plant is coming from a garden center or from a sales location that is indoors, it will need to be slowly acclimated to a full-sun position.Also keep in mind that any decorative mint plants (with variegated leaves) will need to receive

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Mint has invasive roots and is known to spread quickly, so growing it in a pot is a judicious way to contain the plant. Mint grows in US Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 9

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Plant. It is best to buy mint as young plants in spring. Mint is a vigorous plant that will spread all over the place if planted straight into the ground. This is why it is a good idea to plant it in a large pot filled with multi-purpose compost that can be placed in a prominent place to make picking easy.